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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blossom Behind The Scenes: CRAVE (Volume II)

Crave Toronto is a book that features and promotes young, female entrepreneurs from across the city, hoping to inspire other like-minded women. Shauna Podruzny, owner of Blossom Lounge is one of those fabulous women who truly does it all and looks amazing while doing it! She is the inspiration and the heart of Blossom Everyday & Blossom Lounge.

This will be Blossom Lounge's second time invited to be part of the CRAVE book, showcasing photos of our beloved Shauna, the business of Blossom and a fun Q&A to give a bit of background on how she started the company. In addition, interesting insights into the ups and downs of running her own business. 

The new edition of the CRAVE book (Volume 2) will be available for purchase late this Spring 2012. Volume 1 is still available at Blossom Lounge (both in-store & on-line), as well as at Chapters. Sandra Manton Mills of Sam & Duke captured the photographs in the store for the newest edition, which was a lot of fun for the ladies, as Sandra and Shauna are dear friends and business partners in their newest venture: Beauty Files. Work feels a little less like "work" when it's done with a great friend or team! You can see more behind the scenes footage over at Sam & Duke

Crave offers guides for all over the United States, Europe & Canada, look for one for your area: here. It is such a helpful resource for discovering hidden gems in your city that offer things you really can't find in malls. You are always guaranteed to walk away with something unique every time. Support your local businesses! :) 

Shauna is wearing...
Dress by Firetrap (Blossom)
Boots by Micheal Kors
Kimono Wrap Belt by Brave Leather (Blossom)
Watch by Micheal Kors
Necklaces by Dogeared (Blossom)
Bracelets by J.Crew