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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blossom Lounge: Soaked In Luxury Dress

Frigid frolicking - it's something that has to be done this spring. Bundled up in a wooly camel coloured sweater and a billowing and beautiful Soaked in Luxury dress (vintage from Blossom's end of season racks), I paired it with a skinny cow print belt and rubbery boots for stomping around in. Adore the neckline of this dress - it's a drapey and feminine piece perfect for attending formal events (or, well, dressing down like I have).

Tis the season - whether it be for weddings or for prancing around in rompers (soon). Whatever it's for, I'm looking for some sun, and fast.

Guest Blogger, Gloria

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Natural Beauty (Part II)

What can I say to you about cosmetics that you haven't heard already? Nothing. Women are saturated with endless options in quality, effectiveness and cost. It can be almost impossible to know which brand to trust. Solution?  Go straight to the source; other women. Who better to tell you about a product than other women who use it themselves? 
That is how I found out about Alima Pure. When mineral makeup made an appearance in the cosmetic world I was excited. I wanted a brand that was free of synthetics, fillers, harsh dyes and that offered a lightweight, natural look. Alima Pure is that brand. Alima Pure is a natural mineral makeup line that uses only the finest minerals but what I love most is the ease of use. I can achieve any look I want simply by controlling the amount I use ~ for this busy mom; it's perfect! Kate O'Brien created and launched Alima Pure in 2004 because of a desire to give her daughter a safe alternative to conventional makeup. I love that story and I know once you try it, you will love Alima Pure too!

Sincerely, Sandra of Sam&Duke 

Shop Alima Pure On-line or In-store at Blossom Lounge

Photographs taken by Terrilyn Chao and Sandra Manton Mills © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.
Model is Shauna Podruzny; Blossom Lounge's fabulous owner.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Natural Beauty (Part I)

 Applying harsh chemicals found in most cosmetics, skin & hair care can take a toll on your body and blood stream over time. Shampoos leave a plastic layer over your scalp, skincare can cause more issues rashes and break outs than "care" for your face, nail are thin and unhealthy. You have probably experienced a couple beauty experiments gone wrong in your time. It's familiar to all of us! This is just what we can see happening from the outside, let alone how it affects our insides! Your skin is your largest organ and the condition of your hair and nails are evidence of the minerals and vitamins you lack. Naturopath doctors usually check your nail beds and snip a piece of your hair for testing in health examinations, as they can tell so much from that about your health! We know what the earth naturally offers us is what our bodies respond to the best in the long run. Just because the ingredients are organic and gentle enough to use on all ages, does not mean it does not work! Here are some products that prove natural and gentle cosmetics to be powerful:

1. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara: I am so pleasantly surprised by this product! I have been searching for a mascara to give my lashes a lasting lift and non-irritating formula and I have struck gold with this one! It is a very build-able formula, allowing you to plump up your lashes as much as desired with some extra coats. Removing is just as easy as applying, it washes off like a dream. It is easily accessible, as you can find this at any drug store. 

2. Alima Pure Foundation Brush: This brush is made for the Alima Purse powder foundation, which is amazing & will be seen more in (Part II). However, I prefer to use this type of brush with liquid foundation for an airbrush finish. It just buffs out and blends into the skin beautifully. The face appears like a layer of even skin, not a layer of makeup! (Available at Blossom Lounge)

3. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation: You need your makeup to last you through a work day, school day, date etc. Naturally, you'll have to touch up half way through the day. Foundation is something most women use on a daily basis, and because that is usually the base, this seeps into your skin and in your bloodstream. You want to make sure you are using something natural, but also appears flawless and lasts. Look no further, this Tarte foundation is the answer.

4. Coola Citrus Mimosa Sunblock: While Vitamin D is healthy for you, burning your skin is not. Being in the sun does not cause skin cancer, burn spots are what develop cancerous cells. Be sure to protect your skin when basking in the sun. A tan is always hotter than a burn ladies. No pun intended! (Available at Blossom Lounge)

5. LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Scrub: I am in love with this sweet scent! It is like a delicious, cake batter, sugar factory all in one. I just want to eat it. Since it is natural, I guess I could if I really wanted to! I'll stick to just sniffing/scrubbing though. It makes skin smell edible, perfect little indulgent with very few and all natural ingredients you can actually pronounce! (labels frighten me with big words/chemicals). Blended with coconut, vitamin e, soybean and sweet almond oil, honey and cane sugar. (Available at Blossom Lounge)

6. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in "Tipsy": This coral colour gives your cheeks a flushed appearance, that emulates a natural glow after taking a jog or being in the sun. It makes your skin look healthy and fresh, and while most blushes and powders fade away, this product will make sure it lasts you throughout your busy day of blushing. 

7. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelletes: These cloths are great for those nights when you don't feel like washing off your makeup and are just too tired. Never sleep in your makeup, that is skin suicide!! 

8. Tarte: Providing a natural flush, much like what cream blushes do but now for your lips. Tinted lip stains are the rave of the moment. You can get a great pigment, without looking totally done up in lipstick. Don't worry about it looking like a big crayon you're stressing over sharpening, simply twist the bottom end and more product is released out. Also, these have plant bio-nutrients to plump up lips for a fuller look. 

9. John Masters Organics Sea Mist: For that natural wavy hair - i just got out of the ocean - so perfect - beach babe hair, trust in Masters Organics. Let your hair air dry and showcase your natural hair texture with a little extra help from sea salt to give you dream curls. (Available at Blossom Lounge

10. Fresh Sugar Lip Moisturizer: This new coral tint is throwing us in a tizzy for this Spring/Summer, our favourite hue is now locked in one of the most luxurious, moisturizing and supple lip products around to lend a light tin to the lips.

11. Sparitual Nail Polishes: Nailcare is so important! In addition to our beloved Butter London, we adore Sparitual for their vegan ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. You would think their would not be many colour options? Think again, Sparitual has an enormous selection of hues from the classics to the latest trends in colour. Give your nails a break and treat them to a healthy formula. (Available at Blossom Lounge)

12. Eminence Moisturizer: This brand has a huge celebrity following, and a reputation for powerful skincare that produces real results. The stunning ladies of Hollywood: Megan Fox, Jessica Biel to Stacy Keibler (did she get George Clooney with her organic glowing skin!? get on it ladies!) are just a few celebs to name that use this line. 

Sincerely, Stephanie

For Orders & Inquiries:
905.479.8355 .

Monday, March 26, 2012

HOW TO: Wear Coloured Jeans

One of the hottest trends we are loving right now are coloured jeans. We love playing up our bottoms, and neutralizing the top to keep it balanced, although we do love colour blocking lately as well! The great thing about Blossom Lounge pieces are that they can be remixed effortlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. It's the everyday girl -street-style way. Our boutique offers unique cuts, styles, colours and prints you won't see on every other girl. It keeps your look original, instead of following every collection the mall offers. What's interesting is that even though some pieces are considered a "trend," Shauna, our buyer handpicks fits that are classic, which means you can style them in different ways for years to come. She has the best taste, all the Blossom girls "ooh & ahh" whenever a new shipment comes in! Spring/Summer calls for colour! Dress them up with some high fashion accessories (perhaps some Prada sunnies & heels?), or dress them down for a beach day that calls for some lunching, shopping & a long stroll on the boardwalk with ice cream.
Photography By: Neal Jolly & Stephanie Sterjovski © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.

Our other favourite hues bloggers wore...
Variations of mint, kelly green & aqua:
1. / 2. / 3. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Terrilyn Guest Blogs: The Mustard Bath

With this insane weather, illness seems to come with the territory (... a complete inconvenience during my university finals stretch!). The mustard bath by barefoot venus is a life saver! (don't worry, it's nothing like the yellow stuff you put on your hot dogs) it's a wonderfully magical mixture of eucalyptus, mustard seed, chamomile and rosemary.

 The tin comes with a little wooden spoon, to sprinkle this delightful blend into your hot bath ... just about the only thing you want to do when you're under the weather. With a just a few spoon-fulls, you can feel your entire system beginning to clear up within just a few minutes of soaking. Trust me, the greatest feeling when it comes to cold & flu season.  

Oh... & did I mention, it's 100% all natural! Making it completely safe for all ages, but the mustard bath isn't just for when you're feeling under the weather, therapeutic mixture with essential oils, detoxify and moisturize your body making you feel like amazing after a relaxing bath.   

happy sunday! :) 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Gloria Guest Blogs: A.D.I.D.A.V

All Day I Dream About Vintage

While not so vintage in nature, I like to lovingly see them as so - Blossom has been my go to for oh, say, about 3 years now for my pick-me-up-outfits. Add a dash of daring and a pinch of pleasant, and we have ourselves a Gloria outfit. Some of my favourite Colcci outfits from Blossom.

1. Coral Colcci
While I wasn't much of a coral bustier girl, when I slipped on this bubble silhouette bright pink dress I was near tears. A comfortable, stunning piece with adjustable straps and an easy to slip on-and-off structure. A sure win.

2. Another Favourite Colcci - The GaGa
Informally called the GaGa, I loved this sharp shouldered piece that I work to Toronto Fashion Week and snapped for vitamin water ( Never have I ever felt so at home in this beautiful and interesting piece.

3. One Shouldered Wonder
One shouldered, drapey, and all mine (also worn to a fashion week event…starting to sense a trend). This little number ( with an attached strap had everything I dreamed of - movement, stripes, and the initials GC somehow stitched on it (that was a great day).

Top it all off with a little Stila - some brushes I snagged before on discount to treasure.
 A few of my favourite numbers - 13, 9, 18.

Happy Friday lovelies, be sure to stop in for current Colcci's. ;)

- Guest Blogger, Gloria

Thursday, March 22, 2012

STYLE FILE: Sarah Tucker

Fell in love with Sarah? We knew you would, we adore her! For more of her visit:

© Shannon Kirsten Photography Graphics by Stephanie Sterjovski © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Words Of Wisdom: Relax

Today, we want to help you try and do something, relax.

No matter what is going on in our lives, we struggle to make it through our to-do list each day. We cram our calendars and make ourselves so busy, that it can be hard to find balance. It can be overwhelming. We challenge you to take a little bit of time in your day and try to relax. This will make tasks a little easier to get through, when your mind is at ease and healthy you can manage all the rest. Take a walk, take 15 minutes to lay down and just listen to your breath, listen to some music, fix yourself some sweet tea (feel free to throw in some lemons and blueberries to make it extra fancy!), play with your pet, do what makes you happy. Give a little time to yourself during the busiest moments to remind yourself to breathe. All we have in life are moments, try and make the most out of the busy, stressful, to-do list moments & relax a little bit. We promise, it's going to be OK!

Sincerely, Stephanie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY: Mimosa Manicure

Happy Manicuring! 
Butter London is Available On-line at Blossom Lounge
How fitting so is the Philosophy Mimosa Shampoo & Bubble Bath for $10 Tuesdays! Today only :)
Photographed By Stephanie Sterjovski © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.

Sincerely, Stephanie

P.S. A cute little mimosa recipe...

Monday, March 19, 2012

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Blushing Mint

We are loving our pastels lately! These BB Dakota Abel Pants (one of our most beloved Blossom Lounge brands we carry) are light, breezy and every bit Spring. The way we have styled these neutral, blush tone pants are with a plain cream tank, mint-hued cashmere cardigan & some texturized accessories. 

 Styling these pants is effortless; either pair with flats & a tee, or a fun blouse & pumps. Easily, an excellent workable piece to take you from day to night. The nude colour makes legs look extra long and lean, especially with nude/tan heels, as shown here. The tie-front and slouchy fit make these pants look anything but basic. It's refreshing to have bottoms to play up an outfit to make it more interesting, instead of it always being the top, no? We love. Thank you BB!

Sincerely, Stephanie

BB Dakota Trousers Blossom Lounge
For Orders & Inquiries {we ship internationally!} 905.479.8355 //
Modelled by: Stephanie Sterjovski // Photographed by: Neal Jolly © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We have been spoiled with some pretty early Spring weather at homebase here in Toronto & we could not be more thrilled! Here's a peek at some new things at Blossom Lounge, that are gearing us up with excitement for the upcoming season. Oh, and we are living vicariously through our lovely Blossom owner Shauna's Barbados adventures currently, while she gets some inspiration for new collections coming in. She has the best island style! Blossom girls are beach girls at heart.

 For daily updates & previews follow us on Instagram: blossomlounge

Have a lovely, laid-back Sunday.
Sincerely, Stephanie

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Notes: Lights, Camera, Fashion

It's a bustling week in Toronto - fashion week is among us again! While the week is now winding down, here are some of our favourite snaps of lush hair, stunning textures, and everything in action. Featured snaps are from Lundstrom, the Toronto Fashion Week environment, and backstage avec makeup. We shuffled, we chattered, and we enjoyed some stylish company and even went through Barbies Closet. Until next time, fashion darlings!

- Guest Blogger, Gloria

To learn more about Toronto Fashion Week visit

Photographed by Josette Blackwood, Gloria Chik © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.