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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Natural Beauty (Part II)

What can I say to you about cosmetics that you haven't heard already? Nothing. Women are saturated with endless options in quality, effectiveness and cost. It can be almost impossible to know which brand to trust. Solution?  Go straight to the source; other women. Who better to tell you about a product than other women who use it themselves? 
That is how I found out about Alima Pure. When mineral makeup made an appearance in the cosmetic world I was excited. I wanted a brand that was free of synthetics, fillers, harsh dyes and that offered a lightweight, natural look. Alima Pure is that brand. Alima Pure is a natural mineral makeup line that uses only the finest minerals but what I love most is the ease of use. I can achieve any look I want simply by controlling the amount I use ~ for this busy mom; it's perfect! Kate O'Brien created and launched Alima Pure in 2004 because of a desire to give her daughter a safe alternative to conventional makeup. I love that story and I know once you try it, you will love Alima Pure too!

Sincerely, Sandra of Sam&Duke 

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Photographs taken by Terrilyn Chao and Sandra Manton Mills © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.
Model is Shauna Podruzny; Blossom Lounge's fabulous owner.