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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Notes: Put A Bird On It!

Apple&Bee Coin Purse (Blossom) | Dogeared Necklace (Blossom) | Apple&Bee Makeup Bags (Blossom) | Alima Pure Makeup (Blossom Online)

Whether it be images, drawings or silhouettes, birds have managed to make their way onto virtually every item found in style and home decor. I am guilty of loving all bird-y things, from purses and necklaces to lamps and wall art… while being completely terrified of the things. So when i first saw this video (below), I thought it was absolutely hilarious … and true! Birds really do make the plain canvas prettier. 

 Birds have also become popular designs of many labels, like Marc Jacobs and logos of brands such as Alima Pure Cosmetics. Now, while this video obviously points out the obscurity of this mentality...imagine what our fashion and home accessory world would be like without these beautiful creatures stamped on them?!

Happy Sunday!
- Guest Blogger, Terrilyn

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