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Sunday, September 29, 2013

autumn bags: the rebecca minkoff edition

1. M.A.B. Tote - Available at Blossom Lounge
2. Colour Block Leather Satchel
3. Mini Mac - Available at Blossom Lounge
4. Hudson Moto Mini - Available at Blossom Lounge
5. M.A.B. Mini - Available at Blossom Lounge

Rebecca Minkoff's leather handbags are an absolute must have. The soft leather paired with the gold/silver metal hardware takes away the simplicity of a regular handbag and makes it into a work of art. 

Whether you're looking for an every day or night out kind of bag, Rebecca Minkoff has you covered. 
The tote bags provide lots of space making them ideal for going to class or work. The classic Mini Mac is perfect for a night on the town, providing a classy look to your outfit. The mini Moto and the M.A.B. Mini are perfect everyday bags depending on how much you need to carry. Rebecca Minkoff has you covered with the diverse colour collection she offers, making sure that you're set for the season. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

changing seasons

We bid a bittersweet farewell to Summer this past Sunday with the first day of Autumn. With Autumn, comes sweaters, boots, and rich colour tones. Time to pack away the bright and light pinks and bring out the rich and beautiful tones from your nail polish stash. It's easy to forget that colour still exists as we head into the colder months, but THEY DO! So while your wardrobe might suddenly seem like black has taken over your life, add a bit of colour with your nail polish ... without having your nails stand out
Here are a few of our favourites for Fall. 

Menswear Fall 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Leather

1. Matisse- Dandy in Taupe
2. Gentle Fawn- Camo and leather jacket
4. Rebecca Minkoff- Cupid Handbag
5. Soia and Kyo- Leilani tweed wool coat with leather sleeve

Monday, September 16, 2013

eye cream

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. 
This means that you must also take care of the area surrounding it! 
Ever since I was young, my aunt said it was never too early to start using eye creams. Eye creams are essential to ensuring the look of youthfulness by preventing wrinkles and managing dark circles. 
The eye creams below are all ones that I have tried and absolutely loved. All derived from natural ingredients to provide rich moisture, these eye creams provide results and ensure you maintain that youthful look. 

1. Kiehl's -  Creamy Eye Treatment w/ Avocado: This eye cream has a rich, non-oily texture that absorbs fast and moisturizes all day long. Using oils derived from avocado, beta carotene, and shea butter, this eye cream provides ample moisture while still remaining light.

2. Origins -  GinZing Eye Cream: With natural ginseng extracts combined with caffeine from coffee beans, this cream also brightens and depuffs instantly. Perfect for use in the morning to make you look awake even when you aren't.

3. Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics: Active Moisture Vitamin E Eye Balm: Possessing fennel, pomegranate  and ginseng to brighten, depuff, and hydrate, this eye balm is efficient and light. It quickly absorbs into the skin and provides antioxidants to the delicate eye area. After only a couple uses, you will notice a difference as this formula lightens dark spots and firms.
** available at Blossom Lounge**

4. Aveda Green Science - Firming Eye Cream: Lady thistle, argan oil, and cactus formula provide moisture for this cream, while peptides provide lift to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. This cream helps to minimize the look of dark circles and firms the skin so you maintain your youth.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

simple things

With school back in session, it's time to get back to reality... and reality often means busy. 
Don't lose sight of the important things in life that often get over shadowed by the craziness of school work, your job, and just about everything else. Indulge in your guilty pleasure or taking a walk down memory lane with an old friend... whatever it is, take a step back to acknowledge and enjoy the simple things in life.