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Sunday, September 29, 2013

autumn bags: the rebecca minkoff edition

1. M.A.B. Tote - Available at Blossom Lounge
2. Colour Block Leather Satchel
3. Mini Mac - Available at Blossom Lounge
4. Hudson Moto Mini - Available at Blossom Lounge
5. M.A.B. Mini - Available at Blossom Lounge

Rebecca Minkoff's leather handbags are an absolute must have. The soft leather paired with the gold/silver metal hardware takes away the simplicity of a regular handbag and makes it into a work of art. 

Whether you're looking for an every day or night out kind of bag, Rebecca Minkoff has you covered. 
The tote bags provide lots of space making them ideal for going to class or work. The classic Mini Mac is perfect for a night on the town, providing a classy look to your outfit. The mini Moto and the M.A.B. Mini are perfect everyday bags depending on how much you need to carry. Rebecca Minkoff has you covered with the diverse colour collection she offers, making sure that you're set for the season.