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Friday, May 18, 2012

{Style Inspiration} for a Weekend Get-Away

Sometimes I feel that I put so much time into styling outfits for everyone else, that I run out of ways to make my own wardrobe work for me.
When I feel like I'm in a fashion-rut, it's so much fun to turn to the Polyvore community to see what fantastic ideas the creative users have. I love looking to the style boards and collections to find inspiration on how to work my own closet.
If you have to yet to join Polyvore, I encourage you to do so. Whether you're a creative type that needs an outlet, or enjoy perusing the work of another, the options are endless. One search leads into another, and it's like a stylists/fashion/beauty haven, all rolled into one!

Lately, travel seems to be on everyone's minds, and it's definitely most evident in the Polyvore world, where you can see that the majority of style compilations seem to be themed as such.

For myself, this couldn't have come at a better time!
As I get ready to pack for my mini weekend get-away, here's a few boards {and their creators} that have inspired me:
{Casual & Charming}  This look, created by Antonella Fabiano , keeps you light-weight and feminine. This would be an ideal outfit to spend your weekend exploring vineyards, and enjoying a picnic on a warm & sunny afternoon. One day soon, I'm planning a trip to Chianti, Italy to bike ride through the olive groves and vinyards, do you know any other beautiful regions to visit like this? for more on this look... 

{Boating Bliss} Kerstin from Germany compiled this wonderful look, perfect for a weekend spent on the water. for more on this look...
{Beach Beauty} I think most would agree, the best weekend get-away involves a beach, sand and little effort to looking good. Polyvore user Laurel demonstrates that you could be stylish and beach-ready all at once. This look reminds me of when I was an exchange student living along the French Riviera, everyday after-school we ended up at the beach and would spend hours just lying in the sand ... I miss those carefree days! for more on this look...

{Ocean Wonder} Depending on where you travel, and the time of year, a trip to the ocean isn't always going to be warm. For a cooler climate, Ivana uses a lightweight button-down, comfy denim and adorable flats to show you how to relax by the beauty of the ocean, without getting chilled by the breeze. My fondest memories as a child were of visiting Newport, Rhode Island several times each year, to stay with relatives that were fortunate to live so close to the Atlantic Ocean. What's your favourite beach/ocean to visit?  for more on this look ...

{Flowy & Feminine} One of my most favourite things to do is explore Farmer's Markets outside of my own city. I love the idea of supporting local area  farmers and helping to sustain their family-run businesses. The most comfortable and stylish way to enjoy yourself is in a flowy skirt and simple strappy sandals. This look was created by Hannah Diamond, for more on this look .. My favourite farmer's market I've been to is in Canmore, Alberta, how about you?

Every weekend get-away requires the perfect carrying case. 
It's best to travel light, but never cram your clothes and toiletries into a small case, or the time meant to relax will be spent steaming your clothes. I found this vintage-inspired case on-line at Liberty London and fell in-love with the peacock pattern, and old-world charm.
Another great line is by Lipault Paris. They offer a collection of lightweight durable and foldable luggage, that fold into a 4-inch-deep polyurethane bags for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, I'm off to pack now for mine!

{do you have a Polyvore account? let us know your account name and we'll feature your style sets next!}