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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach Bag {essentials}

Packing for a day at the beach can be difficult, 
especially if you're anything like me. 
I have a tendency to pack everything that is completely unnecessary
for those 'just in case moments'.
The last thing you want when you're hot is a bag that is weighed down with useless items. 
It's best to stick to the essentials. 
Here's a few suggestions that I've narrowed down on packing light and efficient 
for a day in the sun.

(1) Fedora's may be cuter, but a full brim straw hat will give you better sun protection from UVA and UVB rays on your neck and shoulders.
(2) An over-sized beach towel is ideal, I find the standard size doesn't usually give you enough room to comfortably lie on.
(3) Love Quote scarves are not just a seasonal item. They are the perfect weight of fabric that can go from the winter months, into the summer as a bikini cover-up. I carry a neutral color everywhere, it even makes a good blanket when traveling on an airplane.
(4) Staying hydrated in warm weather is a must, and BKR glass water bottles with a silicone sleeve are ideal (these are coming to blossom lounge soon!).
(5) Beach time should be a combination of fun and relaxing, and the best way to wind down after ocean-play is with a good book (this one is my absolute favorite).
(6) Upload your favorite tunes to your phone to eliminate carrying extra gadgets, and pair it with  (7) rhinestone encrusted earbuds, for a feminine touch. It's best to find a cellphone sleeve, as opposed to a case, this will offer more protection in your bag.
(8) Sunglasses are absolutely necessary to protect your eyes from UV Radiation. I prefer a lighter lens, and have these Tom Fords on my 'wish-list'.
(9) A fun hairclip is an essential to keep hair polished and swept back in the heat.
(10) The combination of sand & water can be quite drying, so I keep a tube of Deep Steep's hand cream in honeydew spearmint close-by. I find this fresh combination has a cooling effect, and is fantastic on your hands and feet when you're feeling over-heated.
(11) Another great way to freshen skin and hair throughout the day is with the John Masters Organics lavender hydrating mist.
(12) Reapplying sunscreen is not an easy task on the beach, but this problem is solved with an easy spray-on application. Coola has added sunscreen spray to their fantastic collection, which makes it effortless to reapply as needed throughout the day.
(13) I try to keep a small perfume bottle or atomizer on me to freshen up throughout the day, Lucy B Pink Frangipani is my current addiction. Sweet and floral and so feminine!

Enjoy your time at the beach!