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Thursday, November 29, 2012

holiday hostess

holiday hostess

The secret to the perfect hostess gift is neutral and sophisticated. 
Here are a few of our favourite hostess gifts to give this holiday season. 

1. Lollia Calm Candle : We chose this candle for two reasons. The first, because there's a lot that comes with a name. Calm is the first thing a hostess wants to feel once everyone leaves their home. Secondly, like the other Lollia candles, their scents are mild and have a subtle fragrance that will fill and warm the room. Ok... and one more reason. The design makes it virtually impossible for someone to not find the perfect place for it in their home. 

2. Mor Candied Vanilla Almond : Bar soaps add that touch of elegance to any bathroom. This Mor soap is both stunning in and out of it's packaging. Infused with the scent of candied vanilla almond, it's the perfectly soft fragrance to have in your home. 

3. William Sonoma Cupcake Mix : Why? Because who doesn't like cupcakes .... but seriously. It takes the ordinary boxed cake mix out of the box and into a ... can ... but in a big way. It has great packaging and comes in flavours that go beyond the traditional chocolate and vanilla. ** Also a great DIY alternative to the usual layered hot chocolate in a jar **

4. Teavana 12 Holidays of Teas : Love these tea sets because they offer a variety of flavours and are great conversation starters. It also avoids the worry of choosing a tea that the hostess might not like... now she has plenty to choose from. 

5. Swarovski 2012 Tree Ornament : If diamonds are a girl's best friend ... crystals are like a girl's best friend's sister. Looks the same but without the commitment. This ornament is the perfect addition for anyone's tree and will be a reminder of your friendship every holiday season. 

6. Kai Linen Spray : Again, a subtly soft fragrance that won't damage delicates or offend any noses.