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Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Oliberte Mogado Hi {Available at Blossom Lounge Distillery District} : These hand stitched, 100% leather men's moccasin boots are a beautifully made product of Africa. Oliberte creates fair jobs in Africa to contribute to the development of a thriving middle class. Casually sophisticated, these shoes are a must-have in mens' wardrobes. 

2. Tiffany Zip Billfold Wallet {Tiffany}: This black leather with Tiffany Blue wallet is a timeless classic that will last a lifetime. 

3. Starks Barber Company Membership : A modern barber shop with a classic, old school flare. With premium men's hair cuts, treatments and straight razor shaves, it's the luxury every dad needs in their day. Ready for the really amazing? Starks offers annual memberships where getting a hair cut and shave is an option five days a week. (For as low as $350 a YEAR!) 

4. Waiting for the Sun Sunglasses {Available at Blossom Lounge Distillery District} : Hand carved, smooth wood with 100% UV protection sun glasses. 

5. Komono Magnus Watch {Available at Blossom Lounge Distillery District} : Large faced, simple, and timeless men's watches. A closet classic. 

6. Whiskey Rocks : Flavourless and waterless, whiskey stones will keep his drink cold without watering it down. Patio weather perfection. 

7.Creed Aventus Cologne : A playfully masculine scent, with top notes of blackcurrant, italian bergamot, french apples and pineapple this scent is made for the modern man