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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blossom x BKR Beauty Water Challenge

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know we’ve teamed up with bkr and 12 fabulous bloggers for a blossom x bkr beauty water challenge! Starting on March 1, we challenged our bloggers to drink 2.5 litres of water per day (the equivalent of 5 bkr bottles) for 30 days. The point of this challenge is to show how easy beauty can be managed starting from the inside out. By the end of this, their skin will be softer, plumper and completely hydrated overall.

We all know how important water is for us, yet oftentimes we forget or don’t drink enough of it in our hectic lives. This challenge is a gentle reminder to be aware of how much water we should be consuming and how effective it is for our skin and overall well-being.  Be sure to follow our amazing beauty bloggers and follow along in their journey to clearer, healthier and more beautiful skin.

You can purchase your own bkr bottle here or visit us in stores!

Here are our 12 beauty bloggers (yours truly is one of them):

1. Tiffany Chin | little black pearls | Instagram | Twitter

2. Jenny Jovanovic | Crazy Style Love | Instagram | Twitter

3. Rema Gouyez | The Burgundy Book | Instagram | Twitter

4. Mandy Furnis | Sparkle Shiny Love | Instagram

5. Fannie Diep | Blush Me Pretty | Instagram | Twitter

6. Janice Dickson | notes by j | Instagram | Twitter

7. Elana Camille | Camera and Clutches | Instagram | Twitter

8. Sirini Wijesekera | Dub Lifestyle | Instagram

9. Ella Zeba Khan | Ella Pretty Blog | Instagram | Twitter

10. Naghmeh Lesani-Abdi | The Fashionista Bubble | Instagram | Twitter

11. Angela Wallace | Sasstainable | Instagram | Twitter

12. Jenny Carbajal | Honey & Mint | Instagram

xo, tiffany