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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Stack Rings Like a Pro

Figuring out how to stack a bunch of rings on both of your hands can be difficult, especially if you have grown up following the "less is more" mantra. But we over at Blossom Lounge have so many pretty rings that we can't just choose a few to wear everyday, we want to rock them all! And lucky for us, "less is more" no longer applies. Stacking rings can be an easy and effective way to spice up a plain outfit and can be totally customizable depending on your mood. Read along to find out some basics for getting your ring stack on!
Freshly painted and un-chipped nails are the first step in making sure that your rings look stylish. Blossom Lounge has a great selection of colours from Butter London, and I am loving this bright pink shade called Kerfuffle for the summer. 
Begin by picking rings that are in different shapes and sizes and make sure to balance out each hand by placing and spacing rings out on different fingers. Once you like what your first layer of rings looks like move to the mid finger rings.
Play with mixing metals and textures for your midi rings. We love the double snake midi ring from Jenny Bird for its serpent skin texture, and wrap around style. The Dogeared feather and triangles are also great as you can switch the triangles in opposite directions and the feather gives added texture.
Once you have finished putting and placing all of your main rings on your fingers grab a few simple rings (H&M has some cheap and basic ones) in mixed metals and place them wherever you think your fingers could use a little more love. Make sure to leave some white space, keeping at least one finger bare on each hand.