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Monday, January 30, 2012


Happy Monday! 
We are starting the week off with a bright, splash of colour. 
Instead of dreading Monday, we encourage you to take this new week ahead by storm! Go get 'em. Starting it off with happy notes of neon yellow & turquoise.  

Neons are really coming in more than ever this Spring/Summer 2012, but here in Canada we can't really wait for the warmer weather to approach us! So we are getting our dosage of sunshine through our wardrobe (while still keeping it winter weather approved). To offset this bright bag (which is a total steal by the way, $17! & a Kate Spade look-a-like), a cozy sweater in a variety of neutrals is the way to go. Finishing the look by cinching this open cardigan with a braided belt, jeans & oxfords lends a natural, easy-going feel. It is always great when you can take a summer piece and find a way to use it in other seasons as well.

The piece that ties all these colours in? Has to be the necklace! I just love the turquoise/gold in conjunction with the neutrals & neon. You have probably already figured out my love for jewels by now, haven't you? Naturally, it completes any look for me. I always get a little more enthusiastic when I am in the accessories department of any store!

Now go on and spread a little colour & spread a little love.

Here is to one great week, make it count...!


Necklace: Dogeared (Blossom Lounge)
Cardigan: Old Navy
Cream Tank: Club Monaco
Neon Mini Messenger Bag: Old Navy
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Habitual
Oxfords: Aldo

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nail Of The Day: "The Old Bill"

Butter London Polish is Available at Blossom Lounge
O.P.I Glitter: Extravaganza (Burlesque Collection)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

For The Love Of Jewels

I love jewels. Jewels with a long history behind them. The jewels you find at a market thrifting. Jewels you got as a gift, and the ones you hold near and dear to your heart. Statement jewels, dainty jewels - love them all!

That’s why I don’t think they should be tucked away in a cupboard, or hidden in a jewellery box. To show them extra love, keep them safe and add a little fun in the décor department, I believe in showcasing them in pretty little ways...!

      Glass Shadow Boxes: The perfect collectors storage piece. These are amazing, I feel like it brings an element of a boutique to your home. You can hang these on a wall, inside your closet or just have them out on your table. Seeing what you have, means you will wear it and not ignore pieces for ages when they are tucked away. I love that you can see what is inside each box, while simultaneously keeping them clean and protected (I hate tangled necklaces!). I found mine at Chapters/Indigo, a Canadian book & lifestyle store. You can also find them over at West Elm!

       Bowls: The fun thing about this is it can be any size or colour that co-ordinates with the rest of your décor! Here shown are pretty little whimsical Anthropologie bowls that were (super affordable) and super to die for. Displaying bangles, watches, or rings are so fun in this format. I think it just adds a pleasant working piece in a tray with other items, or just out on your dresser like I have displayed loosely.

3.    Knobs: Another fabulous way to neatly display your jewelry would be to take knobs and hang them on a wall that suits best. I love the variety at Anthropologie, you can mix and match different ones, or spell out something (like "adorn," "jewels" or your name) with their monogram knobs.  I haven’t given this one a go just yet, but it is definitely on my (DIY) “do-it-yourself” to-do list!

    Mood Vase: As seen on The Coveteur, I absolutely melted at the sight of this display. Partly because it is so simple to create and customize, and majorly because it looks gorgeous! Another DIY must-try.

{All Jewellery Displayed Found Here: Blossom Lounge}
>> Watches: Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs

Photographed by Neal Jolly © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Words of Wisdom on a Wednesday
Here is your daily dose!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Aztec Cardigan: Left on Houston
 Jeans: Fidelity
Rose Gold & Yellow Gold Bangles: Jules Smith
Rose Gold Earrings: Biko
All Available at: Blossom Lounge

Photographed by Neal Jolly © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.


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