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Monday, April 30, 2012


Our lovely, Blossom Girl Gabby (who you will find out more about in her Style File this week), wears this gorgeous BB Dakota cut-out dress in neon coral. Loving all the fun colours coming in to the boutique lately! It sure is gearing us up for the long anticipated summer! It is the perfect day dress, both flirty and fun, without revealing too much. Cut outs are in trend, but it can be difficult to find a dress that does not overexpose or cut too much out in the wrong areas. This is a well suited sliver that accentuates a woman's gorgeous back! Add some more fun to a day dress by stacking delicate bracelets together or have a full-on Arm Party. These bracelets are by Dogeared & PetiteCo.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello, Sailor!

This summer, I am loving everything nautical. Nautical colours and patterns that have completely taken over my closet. We spend most of the year wishing we were on a boat, so naturally dressing like we are on one is the perfect way to day dream. What I also love about this look is that it is an effortless way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe... and coloured jeans only do great things for this look.

1. biko anchor necklace
2. dogeared little things anchor earrings
3. dogeared compass charm

top - maison scotch
jeans - sanctuary


Saturday, April 28, 2012


We adore Mimi & admire her talent for putting together outfits that make us want to run out and go buy everything she is wearing! Some girls just have that effect ;)

She paired a lovely assortment of arm candy, which included one of our Biko bracelets, on her wrist to go with this easy, nautical, look for Spring. Executing coloured jeans flawlessly as well might I add! Watch her outfit of the day video and subscribe to LuxyHair & EverythingLuxy for more fabulousness like this.

Biko Bracelets Available Here:
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blossom Brides-To-Be

Wedding season is quickly approaching and many of us will be facing the task of gift buying for the lovely brides-to-be in our lives. With wedding showers and bachelorette parties added to our social calendars; preparation and  gift giving can be a daunting task.

What do you do for the bride-to-be with superb taste? That's easy!  You create a Blossom bride-to-be goddess kit. Pick and choose from many luxurious bath & body products to spoil and pamper, add a pretty dogeared necklace that sends the message of love or put together a fabulous 'honeymoon essentials kit.'  {Make sure you include some coola sunscreen and a butter London nail polish so your bride-to-be can maintain her beauty goddess style on the tropical beaches, in the snowy mountains or the city streets of Paris}. Here are a few of my favourite things to help inspire you and don't forget to look for the perfect outfit to wear while at Blossom Lounge!

XO Sandra of Sam & Duke
1. Kai
3. Lollia

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Perhaps your arms are familiar with these parties? Blossom girls are big fans of this layered look. Here are some of our current combos. The best thing about this style, is there's no real formula to it. Your arm party represents your style and adventures. Pairing a high end watch, with a handmade bracelet from a market in Europe, a little from here or there, each layer says something unique about yourself. Bold or Minimalistic. 
 Express yourself. Be yourself!

All Looks Available at Blossom Lounge 905.479.8355 //

Monday, April 23, 2012


Charlie Jade can do no wrong in my eyes. Everything is stitched and designed to perfection. This asymmetrical dress is every bit sexy and sweet. There are so many different cuts happening in this dress, but all juxtaposed flawlessly. Love this look for lunch on the beach, but just as much with nude pumps in the evening for dinner. It is easily one of our favourite Spring/Summer pieces to pop in to the Blossom boutique. Behind The Scenes Tidbit: A pack of dogs crashed this photo shoot and went swimming behind me. This was the first pup to approach me, it was so sweet and fun!

XO Stephanie

Charlie Jade is available at Blossom Lounge
For Orders & Inquiries: 905.479.8355 //

Photography by Neal Jolly © Blossom Bath & Body Inc. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soft City Maps for Urban Jungles

A few years ago, I caught the travel bug ... big time! A big part of traveling is knowing where you're going and how to get there. Despite new navigating technologies available to us, I always love having a map physically in my hands, particularly while walking through an unknown city... which is why I was beyond relieved when I found these Crumpled City Maps by Palomr. They're exactly what they claim and more. Unlike traditional paper maps that you'll find at the gas station, these maps will not only take seconds to crumple up and throw in your pocket, purse, or bag, but they're also 100% waterproof and nearly impossible to tear (trust me, i've tried!).  

These maps also include a list of places to visit and experience in the city that can be easily found on the map, keeping your tour guide at your finger tips! If you're traveling or planning to travel, you can find Crumpled City Maps available for 31 countries (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Florence, Hamburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, Moscow, Munich, New York, New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown), Oslo, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Venice, Vienna, Zurich). And for the directionally challenged like myself, I've found that these maps are also very easy to follow, alleviating some of the stress in navigating through an unknown city. 

I love being able to bring home a marked map of places I visited and my favourite spots in the city. Definitely a great addition to your photographs and souvenirs! 

Happy Traveling!
Crumpled City Maps Available at Blossom Lounge
For Orders & Inquiries: 
905.479.8355 or
*website re-launching soon!*

Friday, April 20, 2012

STYLE FILE: Luxy Hair's Leyla

Clothing Provided By Blossom Lounge
Dress: Colcci | Demin Jacket: Mavi
Photography By Stephanie Sterjovski © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


The other day I popped into the Blossom boutique for a little pick me up. I've always heard the other girls raving about the One Love Organics line, so I knew once my current cleanser was finished I had to give it a go! I can't say I have been so pleasantly surprised with instant results from a cleanser. For me personally, what I look for in a cleanser is something very gentle and with few ingredients, as the other products in my skincare regimen already have the active ingredients I need to keep my skin looking clear and healthy. I don't want to interrupt the results by combining the two. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to go as natural as you can, and how it is better for your skin externally and body internally. There are so many harsh chemicals, and if you already are using active ingredients like serums, moisturizers or topical ointments to treat your skin, it is best to not mix those with a cleanser, that has "treatment" properties. I learned this the hard way by my skin having reactions, this was not a fun learning experience! Once I made the switch to basic cleansers, my other products worked as promised. That is why the "easy does it" cleanser by One Love Organics is perfect for me. It's delicate enough, but removes all the dirt and oil powerfully! With just a small amount it foams on the skin twice as much as regular cleansers promise. I felt other cleansers left my skin feeling tight and dry after, which is what happens when harsh chemicals remove the natural oils that are supposed to stay in your pores! This cleanser left my skin feeling supple. The best thing is, this cleanser can be used on your body & hair as well! 

This is where my Clarisonic Mia comes in. If you have not jumped on the Clarisonic bandwagon, it is about time! My skin has been forever changed by this tool. If there is anything you should invest in, it is your skin, there will be very little to no need for makeup when your skin is healthy and clear. This product just helps to make sure skin is completely clean after a wash, it penetrates your face wash deep in to your pores to allow the product to work at its best. It also allows for other products to be applied on your skin after cleansing, to be completely absorbed without the interference of extra dirt or oil. Products work exactly as they should when the face is completely cleaned, the right way. Some may say the Clarisonic is a luxury, I personally believe it is an essential for everyone's beauty regimen! What I love most, is that I can also use it in the shower, so I can cleanse with my One Love Organics on my face, body and hair under water with my Clarisonic

These two are a match made in skin heaven! In my humble opinion, they are the power couple of glowing, beautiful skin. I'm just the third wheel :)

XO Stephanie 

p.s. Our new website will be launching soon, unfortunately we are currently having technical difficulties, not to worry! We have our Tech Gods working to get it up and running as soon as possible. You can always reach us or order via telephone (905.479.8355). Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in the loop! Thank you for your patience loves.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Leopard Maxi

Blossom's ever so gorgeous, Janice, dons a lovely leopard maxi dress by 213, including the length, print & pleat of the moment all in one. Cinching in the waist with a Brave belt, that helps divide up the dress where the pleating begins for a more feminine shape. Paired with silver hardware, these Dogeared Moroccan vibe drop earrings and Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac clutch, lends a bohemian, easy going feel. No other jewels necessary, just letting this already busy dress speak for itself. This light weight dress is perfect for a day date, during the warmer weather months! Relaxed, yet polished. 

Photography by Stephanie Sterjovski © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.
Clothing Provided by Blossom Lounge

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring "Must Haves" at Blossom Lounge

                                                                                                                                                              * be sure to watch in HD 
Shauna & Stephanie sit down and chat about their current favourites for Spring at Blossom. In case you missed our welcome video, Blossom is now on YouTube! We will be posting fun videos, behind the scenes clips, tutorials and so much more, so be sure to subscribe to our channel here. All products mentioned in this video are listed below.

Shauna’s Picks
1. Coola: Plumeria Sun Block
2. One Love Organics: Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque
3. BB Dakota Skirt

Stephanie’s Picks
1. Butter London Polish in “Teddy Girl”
2. Dogeared Healing Gem Necklace
3. Mavi Coloured Jeans

All Available at Blossom Lounge 
For Orders & Inquiries:
We Ship Internationally!
Contact us at 905.479.8355 or

Friday, April 13, 2012

STYLE FILE: Luxy Hair's Mimi

Clothing Provided by Blossom Lounge
Dress & Belt by Eryn Brinie
Bracelets by HelloBerry (coming soon to BL!!)
Photography By Stephanie Sterjovski © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.

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Instagram: MimiIkonn
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blossom Boudoir

Every fabulous girl needs a space to escape to at the end of her busy day. Not just any space, but a space that is all hers. One that reflects who she is, what she loves and what makes her feel beautiful. She needs her very own blossom boudoir.

What do you find in every blossom boudoir? Pretty patterns, rich textures, beautiful details and of course what would a blossom boudoir be without luxurious, pretty smelling goodies to pamper ourselves with!

1. Safari Rug: West Elm
2. Walk in closet: House and Home
3. Small round capiz pendant chandelier: West Elm
4. Fabric swatches: William Sonoma
5. Barcelona dressing table stool: Graham & Green
6. Lollia bubble bath in relax, Tocca parfume in almafi and Tocca marakash candle: Blossom Lounge  
*photograph by Terrilyn Chao

- Sandra of Sam & Duke 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Behind The Scenes Look: Luxy Shoot

Instagrammin' our way through the day:

L U X Y .  H A I R

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Words of Wisdom: Perspective

How is this for perspective on happiness?
Be Present.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Laundry List

Calling all Domestic Goddesses! Clean your clothes, naturally, with our delicious laundry line up of Blossom's favourite detergent pick, Caldrea. Here at Blossom Lounge we love our clothing, and investing in great pieces that we want to take us through multiple seasons, requires some upkeep. Keeping an article of clothing in good condition requires little efforts that go a long way, from the way you store them in your closet and cupboards, to how you clean them. Of course, not spilling coffee all over them would be nice too! We get you busy girls, it happens!

These mild, yet highly effective detergents have powerful ingredients for your best clean and maintaining the colour. Whites never looked so crisp and colours have never appeared so bright. Long after you have folded your laundry, a beautiful fragrance deriving from the rich essential oils in the formula will cling on to clothes. Nothing is better than the scent of a fresh batch of laundry, and when that experience lasts even after laundry has been put away, well that is just an extra treat! I loved hanging out laundry to dry with my grandmother in the backyard when I was little, it left that fresh scent only nature could provide. With busy schedules, and unpredictable weather, hanging your laundry out to dry in order to capture that fresh air scent can be a challenge. Now, a little bit of that is captured in these bottles. Caldrea has a way of making laundry a lot less like a "chore," and a lot more like a pampering session for clothes! We love & use Caldrea on our very own clothing, sold at the Blossom Lounge boutique and they have never looked or smelled better. There is just something lovely about treating your favourite pieces you have invested in, to a luxurious cleanse to keep them in the best condition and as fresh as can be. Keeping clothes looking, feeling and smelling like they are brand new!

1. Basil Blue Sage | 2. Sweet Pea |  3. Ginger Pomelo

A little goes a long way! To Use: One Capful per average laundry load. He compatible.
Works in top and front-loading washing machines.

XO Stephanie

Shop Caldrea | For Orders & Inquiries: 905.479.8355

There's More! Caldrea is...
Safe & Effective for all Washable Fabrics
All Water Temperatures
Hard water or Soft
Contains no Phosphates