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Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY: Clean Your Jewels

Today we are going to be little scientists! Keep your jewelry, sparkling and clean with this do-it-yourself at home cleansing treatment. The basics include: a bowl, aluminum foil, baking soda and water, which you probably already have in your house right now. So grab all your jewels and let's go to the kitchen! 
. . .
Step 1. 

Pour water half way in to your bowl and microwave for 20 seconds.

Step 2. 

Fold a small sheet of aluminum foil to fit in the bowl and push it down to the bottom with a fork.

Step 3.

 Pour a generous amount of baking powder in to the bowl.

Step 4. 

Put your jewelry, one at a time (or as many the bowl fits).

Step 5. 

Wait a couple of seconds, pick up your jewellery and then rinse out with water at the sink.
. . . 

If your jewelry still looks tarnished, put it back in to the bowl for a little bit more and scrub some baking powder in to the piece. Voila! This formula works great on sterling silver, diamonds and white gold that need some sprucing up. Good as new!

XO Stephanie

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