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Thursday, April 19, 2012


The other day I popped into the Blossom boutique for a little pick me up. I've always heard the other girls raving about the One Love Organics line, so I knew once my current cleanser was finished I had to give it a go! I can't say I have been so pleasantly surprised with instant results from a cleanser. For me personally, what I look for in a cleanser is something very gentle and with few ingredients, as the other products in my skincare regimen already have the active ingredients I need to keep my skin looking clear and healthy. I don't want to interrupt the results by combining the two. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to go as natural as you can, and how it is better for your skin externally and body internally. There are so many harsh chemicals, and if you already are using active ingredients like serums, moisturizers or topical ointments to treat your skin, it is best to not mix those with a cleanser, that has "treatment" properties. I learned this the hard way by my skin having reactions, this was not a fun learning experience! Once I made the switch to basic cleansers, my other products worked as promised. That is why the "easy does it" cleanser by One Love Organics is perfect for me. It's delicate enough, but removes all the dirt and oil powerfully! With just a small amount it foams on the skin twice as much as regular cleansers promise. I felt other cleansers left my skin feeling tight and dry after, which is what happens when harsh chemicals remove the natural oils that are supposed to stay in your pores! This cleanser left my skin feeling supple. The best thing is, this cleanser can be used on your body & hair as well! 

This is where my Clarisonic Mia comes in. If you have not jumped on the Clarisonic bandwagon, it is about time! My skin has been forever changed by this tool. If there is anything you should invest in, it is your skin, there will be very little to no need for makeup when your skin is healthy and clear. This product just helps to make sure skin is completely clean after a wash, it penetrates your face wash deep in to your pores to allow the product to work at its best. It also allows for other products to be applied on your skin after cleansing, to be completely absorbed without the interference of extra dirt or oil. Products work exactly as they should when the face is completely cleaned, the right way. Some may say the Clarisonic is a luxury, I personally believe it is an essential for everyone's beauty regimen! What I love most, is that I can also use it in the shower, so I can cleanse with my One Love Organics on my face, body and hair under water with my Clarisonic

These two are a match made in skin heaven! In my humble opinion, they are the power couple of glowing, beautiful skin. I'm just the third wheel :)

XO Stephanie 

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