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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Sun

Most of us love summer and love to be out in the sun but as we all know nothing is more important than protecting your skin. As a person who burns and freckles; and a mom to a daughter who loves being outdoors, protection is important to me. I have always been disappointed by store bought brands that left my skin greasy, stunk and even on occasion ruined my clothes. When Shauna {blossom's owner and user of coola} introduced the organic sunscreen collection called Coola to blossom clients years ago; I was instantly hooked and still use it today.

Coola is hypoallergenic, water Resistant, paraben free, petroleum free, phthalate free, ultra Sheer and loaded with organic ingredients. It's available in scents like plumeria, mango, citrus mimosa, pina colada and unscented and has age defying antioxidants! It's perfect for any occasion and they have a specific formula for your delicate face and for your baby too! Who wouldn't love that? I am also excited because this year they have introduced a spray that I can't wait to try! So go ahead and put on your summer dresses, head outside and safely love the summer sun.

- Sandra of Sam & Duke