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Thursday, August 30, 2012

an interview with Rebecca Minkoff

One of the hardest jobs as a retailer is the decision-making process to choose which product lines will be represented on your shelves, if not your own.  
It's so important to choose brands that have a meaning or a 'story', that go beyond its fantastic packaging, ingredients or style (although those are all crucial as well).
 Since the brands represented ultimately display who you are as a company, they should always share a similar taste and value. 

Another important factor when choosing product lines is the person behind that brand. 
We've made it loud and clear over the past several months how much we adore each seasonal collection by Rebecca Minkoff, but it goes beyond that. 
As with any great business, success doesn't just happen over-night, and Rebecca Minkoff proves that her hard work, devotion and passion for what she does it what enables her brand to succeed.

Here's a short interview with Rebecca Minkoff provided by Daily Candy
I think you'll adore her just as much as we do!