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Friday, August 17, 2012

Photoshoot with Sam & Duke

A few weeks ago, I had an incredible time working with
Sandra Manton Mills of Sam & Duke.
Sandra is perhaps the most talented woman I know.
Creativity comes natural to her, it always has, and it's so inspiring. 
With a university background in Fine Arts, Sandra has been a graphic artist for more than 18 years and has owned and operated a successful Graphics Center, 
catering to several large corporate accounts across the Toronto Region.
When she was ready to start a family with her wonderful husband Rob Mills (baby number 2 is on the way!), she decided to walk away from the Graphics Center, refocus and fine-tune her talents into an on-line venture. 
She now showcases her knowledge of various design industries and retails her original artwork and prints at
Over the past few years, her business has grown beyond belief and I'm so proud of her and everything she does. 

It's so warming to watch her do what she's passionate about everyday, 
and she's always been my go to lady for professional and personal advice - I usually joke to her about how incapable I am to make decisions without her input.

Here's a sample of her artwork, a scene she painted from downtown Toronto.

CREATE by Sandra Manton Mills.

Emporté à Paris print by Sandra Manton Mills.

Sandra recently asked me to be featured on her website, to share the background on Blossom Lounge and also for a fun photography session.
She has been trying to encourage me to step out from behind my company and has been helping me to not be so silent in the background for the last 8 years.
When I started Blossom Lounge back in 2004, the social media world barely existed! Traditionally promoting your company has always been about your logo, it's never been about the person behind the brand they created.
Sandra has been one of my biggest supporters, expressing to me the need to step out of my old way of thinking and encourages me everyday to find new ways to grow the business.

Here's a few pictures from the shoot, where she played with filters on photoshop to enhance the tone and colours.

You can visit her website Sam & Duke to read my full interview
and check out her incredible artwork and prints.
I adore her and I know you will too.