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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Humanae {A Chromatic Inventory}

What started as a project out of Barcelona, has transformed into an international initiative to capture all possible human skin tones based on the Pantone colour system. 
Acknowledged as the renowned authority on colour, Pantone LLC  provides leading technology for the "selection and accurate communication of colour across a variety of industries".

The Humanae project is a series of portraits, where subjects are photographed and then matched with a background of their exact corresponding Pantone tone. 
The projects creator Angelica Dass {a Fashion and Fine Arts university graduate from Rio de Janeiro} is photographing her subjects as a means to express a deeper issue; identifying social, cultural and racial identity across all borders. This non-passive communication between people, through the eyes of an industry standard colour coding system, allows us to visually acknowledge and love the diversity of humankind around us.

A concept so simple, is so complex, as it displays individuals in their most natural state. It's expressing beauty in its truest form and allows us to celebrate the variety of skin tones found around the world.

Humanae is simply beautiful and inspiring.

Visit humanae to follow Angelica's journey.