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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the ultimate bubble bath

It's time to treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath, time to just relax.
Fill up your tub with some warm, soothing water and drizzle some gorgeous Lollia foaming evening bath. This scent will instantly relax you with its alluring fragrance of lavender, bee blossom honey, white orchids, undertones of Indian amber and a touch of Tahitian vanilla. Light some magnificent scented candles, in Lollia's "Relax" and "Milk Blossom" for a soft glow to soothe your mind, that will illuminate your bathroom when all the lights are off. Next, turn on your "relax" playlist you created on your iPod to play softly. Pour yourself a glass of light red wine, like Cupcake's Red Velvet. Step in to the delicious foamed bath, turn off the water, sink in and let all of your thoughts fall away. 

Blossom's Blissful Bubble Bath 

Enya - Only Time
Sade - By Your Side
Frank Ocean - Dust
Robin Thicke - Lost Without You
John Legend - Save Room

Enjoy Beauties!