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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jessie Steele Aprons

There is something that draws me to vintage-retro styled everything and Jessie Steele aprons are no exception. The modern flirty twist to the retro apron is fun and stylish, making even the not-so-good-cooks like me enjoy kitchen time! They not only do the duties of a regular apron, but their flattering cuts and beautiful designs complete the perfect hostess outfit. The bow, pocket, ruffles and rounded off bottom, Jessie Steele has managed to eliminate the traditional dull and boxy apron and revamp it into a feminine and playful addition to your outfit. Offering plenty of different patterns, styles, colours, and cuts there is an apron to suit anyone, including the petite chefs! Why should the little ones be left out of having style in the kitchen?
Jessie Steele has a collection available for your mini-me's in the same patterns as the adults. The adjustable tying straps around the neck and body makes it a one-size fits all for kids anywhere from 3 to 9 years old - Lauren is 7 now and the apron has grown with her over the past two years and still fits great!.  Also available from Jessie Steele are a full line up of products, including oven mitts (matching aprons of course), retro PJs, totes & towels. 
( We made the quick, easy and ever-so deliciously rewarding peanut butter cookies, topped with milk chocolate Hersey’s kisses. ) 

You might have seen Jessie Steele's popular Retro Cherries Cupcake Apron here! .... 

And since it is April Fool's Day... 

Happy pranking everyone! Have a fabulous week! 


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