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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Petite Treasures

Spring is in the air, and new, beautiful things are coming! Here are a few perfectly petite things to start off the season....

Lollia's petite perfumes and hand lotions are the perfect way to add soft, subtle scents to welcome spring. Great for girls on the go, or the girl who just loves cute minis (like me).

I'm a strong believer in little things, making big statements ... especially when it comes to your jewelry. It's all in the details, and they rarely go unnoticed! Beautiful, dainty pieces are the perfect accessory to your every day outfit. One thing I miss most during winter, is colour! So choosing a simple piece with a small pop of colour is another favourite of mine for spring.

1. Lollia's Calm petite eau de parfum & petite hand cream
2. Dogeared jewel box nugget earrings
3. Biko maginify necklace
4. Dogeared clover necklace
5. Dogeared little things blossom earrings

Happy Easter!

All Available at Blossom Lounge
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