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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Laundry List

Calling all Domestic Goddesses! Clean your clothes, naturally, with our delicious laundry line up of Blossom's favourite detergent pick, Caldrea. Here at Blossom Lounge we love our clothing, and investing in great pieces that we want to take us through multiple seasons, requires some upkeep. Keeping an article of clothing in good condition requires little efforts that go a long way, from the way you store them in your closet and cupboards, to how you clean them. Of course, not spilling coffee all over them would be nice too! We get you busy girls, it happens!

These mild, yet highly effective detergents have powerful ingredients for your best clean and maintaining the colour. Whites never looked so crisp and colours have never appeared so bright. Long after you have folded your laundry, a beautiful fragrance deriving from the rich essential oils in the formula will cling on to clothes. Nothing is better than the scent of a fresh batch of laundry, and when that experience lasts even after laundry has been put away, well that is just an extra treat! I loved hanging out laundry to dry with my grandmother in the backyard when I was little, it left that fresh scent only nature could provide. With busy schedules, and unpredictable weather, hanging your laundry out to dry in order to capture that fresh air scent can be a challenge. Now, a little bit of that is captured in these bottles. Caldrea has a way of making laundry a lot less like a "chore," and a lot more like a pampering session for clothes! We love & use Caldrea on our very own clothing, sold at the Blossom Lounge boutique and they have never looked or smelled better. There is just something lovely about treating your favourite pieces you have invested in, to a luxurious cleanse to keep them in the best condition and as fresh as can be. Keeping clothes looking, feeling and smelling like they are brand new!

1. Basil Blue Sage | 2. Sweet Pea |  3. Ginger Pomelo

A little goes a long way! To Use: One Capful per average laundry load. He compatible.
Works in top and front-loading washing machines.

XO Stephanie

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There's More! Caldrea is...
Safe & Effective for all Washable Fabrics
All Water Temperatures
Hard water or Soft
Contains no Phosphates