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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blossom Beauty

Looking your most beautiful on the outside always begins with your skin. 
If you have dry, dull skin then no amount of makeup, trendy clothing or cute accessories will hide the fact that you just don't have the soft, dewy skin we all crave for summer.

Ever wonder how to get perfect summer skin? Easy. Lalicious all natural bath and body line. Choose from eight of the yummiest scents like coconut cream {my favourite!}, peppermint, sugar kiss {so good there's a waiting list when sold out!}, lily mango, coffee bean, brown sugar and vanilla, passionfruit lime, island guava and tahitian flower {smells like paradise!}. The body wash cleans without stripping your skin and the body scrub gently exfoliates away all impurities leaving clear, soft skin. The paraben free silky smooth body butter is great for moisturizing and protecting your skin but my ALL TIME favourite is the body oil. The body oil melts into your skin, all oiliness disappears and you are left with dewy, baby-like skin from head to toe. You have to try it to believe it but once you do; you will become completely addicted! {Makes a great honeymoon gift for a bride too!}

Shauna { just in case you don't already know ~ Shauna is blossom's owner and the creator of this fabulous blog} hand picked this line years ago because of it's high quality, all natural ingredients and because when it comes to your skin; no ordinary product will do. i love that! 
So go ahead and show off your summer skin and be the blossom beauty we know you are!

XO Sandra of Sam & Duke