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Monday, May 14, 2012

FASHION FILE - Day to Night

Whether it is a full day of work meetings, or out lunching with your girlfriends, what you wear during the day should be easily transitioned to take you into the evening, entirely fuss-free.
For most women on-the-go, the amount of activites needed to accomplish during the day, leave little time to get ready for the night ahead. 
The best way to eliminate mutliple outfit changes is to choose clothing peices that can easily be dressed up or down, according to your scheduled events.

Layering a cute & playful dress, or top & skirt with a jean jacket - then switching to a simple blazer when needed, lets you tranisiton between afternoon cute to workplace chic. 

That dress underneath can then be your perfect outfit for a dinner date after work, or an evening out with friends.

The best part of it? Not having to run home to change, leaves more time in between your plans to actually have a little fun and enjoy your time.

 xo Shauna

black blazer - Maison Scotch
pink shoes - Report Signature
white bralette - Guess