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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today we have a little do-it-yourself project, that is not only affordable but seamlessly simple. Taking care of your cosmetic brushes doesn't just stop at cleaning them properly and regularly, storing them in a hygienic way is just as important as the cleaning routine! This prevents bacteria from growing and mixing in your cupboard or makeup bag, and essentially prevents your skin from suffering because of it. All you need are three things. A vase, bean bag fill & a satin ribbon.

To Assemble:

1. VASE: Ikea has affordable options, that are of great quality in the vase department. Use any shape or size that accommodates to your brush collection. 

2. FILLER: Clear bean bag fill achieves a clean look. You could also use sand, rocks or coffee beans! Find this option at Wal-Mart or Michael's craft store. Fill your vase 3/4 full. 

3. RIBBON: To achieve a little sophistication, wrap your ribbon around the vase and tie a bow in the centre. Pick any colour of your choice, black is always classic. Wrap the ribbon around the perimeter to measure how much you will need and lend a little extra for the bow in the centre. You can virtually find ribbon anywhere from your local craft or dollar store.

4. Lastly, arrange your makeup brushes standing up with a generous distance in between each one so brushes do not overlap. 
There you have it, pretty, organized, hygienic storage for your cosmetic brushes to sleep in!

Sincerely, Stephanie

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Photographed by Stephanie Sterjovski © Blossom Bath & Body Inc.