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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Terrilyn Guest Blogs: The Mustard Bath

With this insane weather, illness seems to come with the territory (... a complete inconvenience during my university finals stretch!). The mustard bath by barefoot venus is a life saver! (don't worry, it's nothing like the yellow stuff you put on your hot dogs) it's a wonderfully magical mixture of eucalyptus, mustard seed, chamomile and rosemary.

 The tin comes with a little wooden spoon, to sprinkle this delightful blend into your hot bath ... just about the only thing you want to do when you're under the weather. With a just a few spoon-fulls, you can feel your entire system beginning to clear up within just a few minutes of soaking. Trust me, the greatest feeling when it comes to cold & flu season.  

Oh... & did I mention, it's 100% all natural! Making it completely safe for all ages, but the mustard bath isn't just for when you're feeling under the weather, therapeutic mixture with essential oils, detoxify and moisturize your body making you feel like amazing after a relaxing bath.   

happy sunday! :)